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The ‘Real’ Wedding Video

By Chuck Perroncel

HOUSTON – Norm Korpi an Clint Cowen’s The Wedding Video has to be the funniest and most delight-filled film of the 2002 Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  Screened at the newly refurbished Rice Cinema to a packed house, the showing delayed to seat everyone and still others were left outside.  Are there really that many Real World (MTV) fans who remember Norm Korpi from the first (1992) season of this like totally unreal show?

            Well, Norm remembers.  He’s written (and co-directed with Clint Cowen) a hilarious spoof of Real World TV called The Wedding Video.  Produced on less than a shoe string budget and acted by residual Real World and other friends who paid their own way to the various locations, the wedding is set in a run down castle in L.A., with pre wedding interviews with the ‘guest’ in Wisconsin, Michigan, Birmingham and NYC.

            Partly scripted, much is left to the actors, producing the Real Word effect.  It works beautifully.  Norm is marrying Sky, played by a legitimate straight porn star named Brien: the gay actors wanted $30,000).  The wedding coordinator is homophobic, and Norm’s mom gives him a $10,000 write-off check and refuses to attend the “wedding” or be interviewed on tape.  A novice cameraman gets the job of taping.  Friends of Groom One and of Groom Two give their fond and mostly not so fond memories of the boys.  They invade the ‘castle’ and settle in to wrangling vicious gossiping, and altogether funny mayhem.  Most of the wedding money goes up Norm and Sky’s respective noses, so the banquet consists of a Carne de Bologna Loaf and Quick-Company’s Coming-Canapés.  A non-descript clergy man reads a saccharine nuptial service, and guest think they see Sky making hanky-panky in private with a female friend who hangs all over him every time they are in public.

The unseen videographer (played by Clint Cowen) graphically demonstrates his fledgling status in the rushes.  He demonstrates his mischeiviousness by letting the camera run when guests want to speak privately.  He demonstrates his good heart in the finished product, which when delivered, is all warm and smarmy, with all hints of petty fractiousness hidden behind stock fades, cliched masks and divided screen scenes and sweet gentle music.

            As Norm said in the post screening Q&A, the rough edges of real life are smoothed out to create a Real Word video.  The grooms are blissfully ignorant of the troubles we have seen and receive the video as a true representation of the Big Day.  It is truly funny stuff.  How would they know?  Norm was ‘Xing’ (stoned on eXstacy the whole day).

            The Wedding Video is an indi film looking for a distributor.  It deserves a much larger audience larger than the film festival crowd who will otherwise get to see it.  If this review has peaked your interest sufficiently, you can find out a lot more detail and gossip about the film and the actors by logging onto  You can also see that Norm has gained a few pounds and a more “mature” look since 1992, but that he is still cute a s button… whatever that means.
Our reviewer’s rating   A+

27- The Texas Triangle – June 21, 2002

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