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Getting REAL with Norm Korpi and Clint Cowen of THE WEDDING VIDEO

THE WEDDING VIDEO features 10 popular ex-Real World cast members from various seasons who portray exaggerated likenesses of their “perceived” public images. Produced, shot and edited in the classic reality-based style, pioneered by the Real World, THE WEDDING VIDEO is a comic spoof of a genre, which has become a mainstay in television programming.

When the former cast members converge on Beverly Hills for Norman Korpi’s (Real World NY) wedding, the prying eye of the camera sees a side of his friends that’s unknown to him: a raunchy, bickering, back-stabbing group of self promoters. Lies, sex, scandal, and secrets (Norms groom-to-be is an adult film star!) have Clint, the omnipresent videographer, walking a fine line between reality and fantasy, all the while, trying to cut together the perfect wedding video.

Mouth: How did you come up with the idea for The Wedding Video?

Norm: We wanted to blur the lines of what is and isn’t real. After appearing on the Real World everyone thinks they know us.

Mouth: What a great idea to shoot it as a wedding video.
Clint: The film illustrates how “real” footage, in this case- of a gay wedding, can be manipulated into something other than what it seems to be. We hope viewers will think twice about what they perceive as “real” as a result of watching this movie.

Mouth: How would you categorize this film?
Clint: Voyeurvision-Camp

Mouth: Norm, do you still get recognized on the street?

Norm: On the street, in airports, bathrooms, cars, malls, restaurants—and all this after eight seasons since I was on the show. I must say though, I have met some of the greatest people in my life as a result.

Mouth: The format of the film is a mockumentary. How did this format address your experiences being on TV?

Norm: In my mind the format was critical. The Real World cast help shape the story of a wedding video into a comedic commentary on reality vs. perception. Generally in Mockumentaries, people are poking fun at someone else. In this case however, the actual cast are making fun of themselves, which I hope will give viewers a smarter perspective on what they consider real.

Mouth: What message do you want The Wedding Video to convey?

Clint: That things aren’t always what they seem.

Mouth: Well thanks guys. I can’t wait to see your film and welcome you here to Hawaii.

Meet Norm, Clint and other ex-Real World cast members starring in THE WEDDING VIDEO, when here in Hawaii for the showing of their film, Opening Night of the Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on May 30th- June 2nd.

To see a trailer of THE WEDDING VIDEO, go on-line to

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